Synthetic biology success as Imperial experts win prestigious award

Two Imperial researchers have been recognised for their leadership in synthetic biology with their SynbiCITE centre at the Engineering Biology Awards.

The awards were given at the SynBioBETA Conference in San Francisco. SynBioBETA CEO John Cumbers presented individual awards to Professor Richard Kitney from the Department of Bioengineering, and Professor Paul Freemont from the Department of Medicine, for their contributions to and excellence in synthetic biology.

Professor Kitney and Professor Freemont were recognised by the SynBioBETA Awards Committee for founding and directing the UK's national industrial translation centre for synthetic biology, SynbiCITE.

SynbiCITE is an Imperial College London based centre that combines biology and engineering to create synthetic biology for biosensors, biomaterials, biosynthesis, bioprocessing and metabolic and genetic engineering.